Music · 14. February 2020
Hi guys, I'd like to share my experience of ipad 2018 12.9 inch for teaching today. Here is a link of my Instagram page about my teaching resources on my ipad so far. It is hard for teachers to keep up students practices at home.Nowadays teachers are lucky to use lots of apps or technology. This resources on my ipad is especially useful to have trials at schools as even if we ask students to bring old books they sometimes forget.Or...
Music · 04. February 2020
Today I'd like to share a good app for teachers and students!It's called Studioso.This app is free and once your students signup for another app called Studioso for students,you can link to each other's accounts.I found this app quite good and a few of my students started marking their practice on the app.

Music · 28. January 2020
Today I taught some viola students.Some of them have problems of their right pinky from old teachers as their bad habits.This round relaxed pinky is really important to keep the bow straight, smooth bow changes and control the bow on the violin and viola to improve many bow articulations. These photos with my viola and the bow are taken only to show you how the pinky should be on the bow.To make the pinky round I do suggest to lift it up after putting the bow on the string.Also exercises only...
24. January 2020

Music · 19. January 2020
Today I'm going to share the shoulder pad for violin/viola I use.I've been using this magic pad for several years without the shoulder rest.The shoulder pad is less supportive for kids so I don't recommend you to use this for little children according to my experiences.However some might like it or handle it fine.I do like to recommend this more to someone who studies for a while and is not sure with your shoulder rest or for someone who is thinking to play on the baroque instruments too. Here...
14. January 2020
It is 2020 this year! My new year’s resolution 2020 is being healthy mentally, being smarter to work hard. Also I would like to blog regularly. This month I got more time, so I will try to categorise things in my head first and will try to write some topics according to their categories. It’s all from my messy mind at the moment. What I can say now is that the life is not easy but is changing by what you think, what you do and what you experiences etc. I’ve been thinking about what I am...

05. May 2014
03. March 2014
Today's phrase 挫折にしろ、無念さにしろ自分の能力の低さにしろ、自分というものに出会ってから人生は始まる。武田鉄矢  Your life starts when you come to know yourself : when you go through a frustration, when you feel disappointment or realize your incompetence.(by Tetsuya Takeda)

26. February 2014
What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.(Antoine De Saint-Exupery) 人を救うのは、最初の行動を起こすこと。そして、次に救うのは、次の行動。 It's kind of fun to do the impossible.(Walt Disney) 不可能なことをやるのは、ちょっと楽しいものだ。 One-half of life is luck; the other half is discipline.(CZ) 人生の半分は運である~そしてあとの半分は鍛錬である。...
25. February 2014
There can only be one solution to any problem: a change in attitude and in consciousness. どんな問題にも、解決策になることが1つだけある。自らの意識と態度を変化させることだ! まさにその通り・・・。

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