Violinist/ Yoga mind trainer Yuhka Nagai

Yoga mind class in Milford

An artist,Peter Horsfield made a poem about her concert with a pianist, Tokino Kaga.


Japanese Duo

Concert of contrast and coherence

captures poignant mood-swings,

from dark and anguished

to gentle, dreamy, joyful.

Violin and piano

communicate with interplay and sensitivity:

tumbling, percussive chords alternate

with lyrical legato,

passionate pizzicatos

blend with rippling arpeggios.

Jewish, Japanese, Norwegian

(Bloch, Hikaru Hayashi, Grieg),

integrate a special character,

interpretation unique in music –

reflected in their flowing dresses,

turquoise and green;

and female Oriental features,

emphasised by different statures,

enhance our sound experience;

harmonious and holistic balance.

Peter Horsfield 11/7/2014

(Inspired by the lunchtime concert performed at Leatherhead Methodist Church on 10th July 2014 by Yuhka Nagai, violin; and Tokino Kaga, piano.)


An artist, Diana painted a violinist,Yuhka Nagai and a pianist, Tokino Kaga during my concert.There are some paintings in the gallery page!!