Violinist/ Yoga mind trainer Yuhka Nagai

Written and directed by Siliga Sani Muliaumaseali’i

A global gathering of Pasefika opera greats, song, storytelling and movement.

Immigrants to Aotearoa from the Pacific Islands in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s had

all sorts of dreams for their families –

but being an opera singer wasn’t one of them. Today, Pasefika opera voices are heard

around the globe.

The O.Gs is a concert in motion celebrating the first wave,

a veritable who’s who, of Pasefika opera singers. 

These virtuosos have sung all over the world, and for this once in a lifetime event,

are coming home to sing and share their stories with you.

Each has a different story. All have the same story. Celebrate the triumphs

and learn about the challenges faced by these pioneering wave makers

as they take us on a journey from the music of their islands to Bellini,

Mozart, Verdi, Strauss, Gershwin, Sondheim and more. With choir and orchestra.

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  • SUN
    Shed 10, Queens Wharf


3 hours, plus interval


Shed 10, Queens Wharf

MAY 2024


 Thursday Heritage Concert



13 June 2024, 12.10pm @ Whare Wananga, Level 2, Central City Library(44-46 Lorne street, Auckland City Centre)


Yuhka Nagai, Violin

Kent Isomura, Piano


 Winds from Japan and Europe

Japan born and raised violinist, Yuhka Nagai and NZ raised Kent Isomura present a program including two NZ premier Japanese pieces,A. Mozart and R. Schumann. 

Six pieces by Hikaru Hayashi(1931-2012) and Nursery song by Rikuya Terashima(1964-) from Amami are related to Okinawan folk music. Okinawa is located in the South of Japan, warmest and slow pace of lifestyle. Yuhka was incredibly lucky to get these two Japanese pieces from Japanese pianist and composer, Rikuya Terashima. Opéra is something special for Hikaru Hayashi and he composed many Japanese operas and they are still performed in his Opéra theatre Konnyakuza in Tokyo, Japan. 

Traveling from Japan to Europe, they also play Rondo K.269/261 by W.A.Mozart and Violin Sonata No.1 by R.Schumann. Mozart Rondo K.269/261 was most likely composed for A. Brunetti and written in the time he wrote a lot of music for violin including his famous 5 violin concertos between 1773 and 1777. It was possibly a replacement of finale for his violin concerto No.1, K.207. R. Schumann’s 1st violin Sonata is dramatic and has his expressions of unstable emotions and the depth of energy.


Yoga mind class in Milford

An artist,Peter Horsfield made a poem about her concert with a pianist, Tokino Kaga.


Japanese Duo

Concert of contrast and coherence

captures poignant mood-swings,

from dark and anguished

to gentle, dreamy, joyful.

Violin and piano

communicate with interplay and sensitivity:

tumbling, percussive chords alternate

with lyrical legato,

passionate pizzicatos

blend with rippling arpeggios.

Jewish, Japanese, Norwegian

(Bloch, Hikaru Hayashi, Grieg),

integrate a special character,

interpretation unique in music –

reflected in their flowing dresses,

turquoise and green;

and female Oriental features,

emphasised by different statures,

enhance our sound experience;

harmonious and holistic balance.

Peter Horsfield 11/7/2014

(Inspired by the lunchtime concert performed at Leatherhead Methodist Church on 10th July 2014 by Yuhka Nagai, violin; and Tokino Kaga, piano.)


An artist, Diana painted a violinist,Yuhka Nagai and a pianist, Tokino Kaga during my concert.There are some paintings in the gallery page!!