Restart my blog

It is 2020 this year!

My new year’s resolution 2020 is being healthy mentally, being smarter to work hard. Also I would like to blog regularly. This month I got more time, so I will try to categorise things in my head first and will try to write some topics according to their categories. It’s all from my messy mind at the moment. What I can say now is that the life is not easy but is changing by what you think, what you do and what you experiences etc. I’ve been thinking about what I am living for for a while this year.Trying to clear my mind and I would like to rethink about all things in my life.My life, yes but it is not only mine. We share the world. Especially nowadays it’s been more and more becoming accessible internationally.I do hope it makes the world better but not worse. So I just want to share my thoughts here with some, if it is helping some, definitely helping myself. Thanks everybody!See you soon!



Today's phrase

*these phrases are my collections and not written by me. However, these are something I was inspired by and something I want to share with more people. これらのフレーズは私が趣味で様々な場所から得たものであり、私が書いているものではありません。ただ心に響いたのでシェア出来ればと思います。

Happniness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions (DL)