Ipad for teaching as well as reading music?

Hi guys, 

I'd like to share my experience of ipad 2018 12.9 inch for teaching today.

Here is a link of my Instagram page about my teaching resources on my ipad so far.


It is hard for teachers to keep up students practices at home.Nowadays teachers are lucky to use lots of apps or technology. This resources on my ipad is especially useful to have trials at schools as even if we ask students to bring old books they sometimes forget.Or when we wait for actual books for them to receive we can photocopy from ipad resources.Also you can use the ipad to show some materials to your students.If you accompany your students, you need accompaniment parts and it is hard to carry all books for every single students.

It's worth to have a device to store teaching resources to make all processes efficient.

Ipad 12.9 inch is also good for music reading in concerts too.I haven't got a page turn yet but will update about it when I get it!!Let's make the most of new technology!!